Sunday, July 20, 2008

Get That Dream Job

Yes, that's me - the tubby one on the furthest left :) I was one of six people interviewed for the July 2008 issue of Personal Money, for the cover story "Get That Dream Job". Was I excited? You bet. Was I dismayed, after the event? Kinda, especially after I realized there were things I could have done to avoid looking so tubby i.e.

1. Worn a long-sleeved shirt in a dark colour
2. Starved for a week before the fateful day

But then again, it's not often that one gets to grace the cover of a magazine, so between you and me, yeah, I was chuffed as hell :)

Working at Perfection

Scratching Post, Weekender, The Star
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This was originally meant to be a veiled tribute to perfectionism, but for some reason, everybody latched on to the "Greek God" phrase.

For days, Andrew had to walk around with a plastic bag over his head, to avoid the (real or imagined) stares of sniggering strangers.

And for days, every time the phone beeped, he would shudder, as more often than not, it was inevitably an sms that began with "Hi Greek God..."

The last message I got from him? "I want to strangle you!!!"


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