About me

Hello! My name is Alexandra Wong - Alex for friends, please - and I'm a Malaysia-based freelance writer.

Writing portfolio
My reports on travel, trends, food, relationships, information technology and personality profiles have appeared in over a dozen local and international publications, including Going Places, South China Morning Post, Bangkok Post, Quill and Kuala Lumpur Explorer, though I am primarily known for my frank first-person accounts in Navel Gazer, my monthly column for Malaysia's highest-circulation English language daily The Star.

I have also conceptualized, developed and created editorial content across multiple mediums that serve as calls to action for a target audience, including and not limited to: marketing and advertising collateral (corporate videos, newsletters, show dailies, press releases) and non-print media (websites and tv scripts).

I have edited manuscripts for several Malaysian best-selling authors.

Academic Qualifications
An alumnus of Universiti Sains Malaysia, I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Literature with a minor in Mass Communication.

Past life
My last held position was sales manager in a Fortune 500 multinational corporation. My nickname was the "office bohemian".

Since I started freelancing, I have been dividing my time between my hometown Ipoh; Penang, where I spent my formative adult years, and Kuala Lumpur, which I loathe and love in equal measures.

I am a proud LGBT advocate and unabashed pop culture fiend, with an unholy appetite for blogs like Perez Hilton, GFY and Cracked.

On days when I feel like being a literary smartypants, I lurk at Slate, armed with a dictionary.

My ideal woman would be an amalgam of the following: Katy Perry (that body!), Lady Gaga (that chutzpah!), Helen Mirren (that agelessness!), Adam Lambert (those pipes!) and Douglas Adams (that funnybone!).

My favourite word used to be pulchritude ... I joke, I joke.


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