Saturday, March 28, 2009

An angel in Chow Kit

Scratching Post, Weekender, 28 March 2009

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Cartoon credits: a certain Ms Charmaine Hon, brilliant writer and artist friend :)

A friend summed it up best: "There are Alberts in many parts of the world whose work go unnoticed and unrecognized all the time."

How does this sound (as a book title): "To all the Angels I've met before"


"To all the unsung Alberts in the world..."

Okok, no more cheese for the benefit of the lactose intolerant :)

This morning, I called Albert to apprise him of his 15 minutes of fairly anonymous fame. He didn't know I was going to do it of course.

I didn't either, up until last week, when I felt the story had matured sufficiently. A lot of encounters reside and percolate indefinitely - sometimes for too long - in my mind as half-baked stories, before they're eventually fleshed out and published. Anymore dithering and this one would probably gotten buried under other abandoned because yours truly got her knickers in a bunch over yet another fresh encounter ...

Albert, on the off chance that you're reading this, I hope this made your day.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Candy colours galore

I can't draw, paint, or design to save my life, but I love eye candy as much as any other girl.

I generally don't use this space to plug anybody - more so if they're unsolicited - but I really want to share these dangerously addictive sites that I recently got introduced to.

I probably can't fit into 90% of the stuff that's reviewed in here, but the gratuitous eye candy and the slick copywriting is really something. The writer, whoever she is, can match any professional copywriter, IMHO. Good thing that she updates every day too. Now I'm a hopeless e-shopaholic-holic (Comprehende? :))

Viv, it's all your fault! :D

Flicked this off Tongue-in-chic (great name, by the way) I am a sucker for short punchy names.

Through which, I found this.

I know what my friends will say. Eh, aren't you a little over-the-hill to be ogling at such sites?

Like ingenuity, works of art are works of art, right - age has nothing to do with it.

Now excuse me while I go back and ogle some more. The girl deserves a break after a titanic assignment.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Railway Junket

Going Places, March 2009

So so so ... did the highly anticipated jungle train ride live up to our sky-high expectations?

You bet!

Don't underestimate this gingerly old girl, she goes so fast, it's like surfing on rails! Now if only all assignments were this fun :D

There's a chicken in that basket, if you didn't know that already. The Gua Musang platform turns into a makeshift market when the passengers from up north disembark. Read the full story when you get your copy of GP on Malaysia Airlines lah :D

I actually had a ton of photos from my own collection - but ... I lost all my photos when my hard disk crashed recently ... *dabs eyes tearfully*

I know! I'll just have to go there again!

Train ride, anyone? :)


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