Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Railway Junket

Going Places, March 2009

So so so ... did the highly anticipated jungle train ride live up to our sky-high expectations?

You bet!

Don't underestimate this gingerly old girl, she goes so fast, it's like surfing on rails! Now if only all assignments were this fun :D

There's a chicken in that basket, if you didn't know that already. The Gua Musang platform turns into a makeshift market when the passengers from up north disembark. Read the full story when you get your copy of GP on Malaysia Airlines lah :D

I actually had a ton of photos from my own collection - but ... I lost all my photos when my hard disk crashed recently ... *dabs eyes tearfully*

I know! I'll just have to go there again!

Train ride, anyone? :)


foodloverboy said...

Call me! ;)


katztales said...

Train ride where?

Alexandra Wong said...

James: Hey you, who else would I bring??? :)

Ellen: To Kelantan! To be precise, the land of nasi kerabu and nasi dagang and wonderful bundle shops and quirky local characters... yum yum yum!

S.F.Rahiman said...

alex next time ask me to join the ride.. i'll love too:).. my ride normally ipoh - kl sentral the scenary really nice. if u got other places to go by train. i'll love to join u.. leng lui:)

Jaded said...

Hi, stumbled upon your blog! Love your column, Navel Gazer :)

Your mention of the Jungle Train piqued my interest, I got no idea we have such a gem here, right in our country! You bet I'll be planning a trip on our own Keretapi Hutan!

Would love to read your article, but I doubt I will be flying MAS anytime soon, Oh well, I'll just have to ask friends to snag me a copy of GP. Shhh! ;P

Alexandra Wong said...

SF Rahiman: Thanks... leng chai (?) I'll post an update on my blog when I do ;)

Jaded: Tried to leave a comment on your blog but couldn't. I hope you will get to go on the trip - it was absolutely amazing! If you really can't get your hands on a copy of GP, just write to me and I'll be happy to email it to you :)

Jaded said...

Thanks for the alert. I didnt realise my comment box wasnt working! I just thought nobody reads my blog.... LOL.

Would love to read your article. Will drop you an email.


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