Saturday, March 28, 2009

An angel in Chow Kit

Scratching Post, Weekender, 28 March 2009

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Cartoon credits: a certain Ms Charmaine Hon, brilliant writer and artist friend :)

A friend summed it up best: "There are Alberts in many parts of the world whose work go unnoticed and unrecognized all the time."

How does this sound (as a book title): "To all the Angels I've met before"


"To all the unsung Alberts in the world..."

Okok, no more cheese for the benefit of the lactose intolerant :)

This morning, I called Albert to apprise him of his 15 minutes of fairly anonymous fame. He didn't know I was going to do it of course.

I didn't either, up until last week, when I felt the story had matured sufficiently. A lot of encounters reside and percolate indefinitely - sometimes for too long - in my mind as half-baked stories, before they're eventually fleshed out and published. Anymore dithering and this one would probably gotten buried under other abandoned because yours truly got her knickers in a bunch over yet another fresh encounter ...

Albert, on the off chance that you're reading this, I hope this made your day.


WP said...

That just goes to show that good people are still around...unfortunately finding them is the hard part!

Razor a-X said...

Hello there! I'm just another fan of your fortnightly appearing article.

I find your ability to pen down a lengthy article just to describe the speck of lustrous gold you've detected in a person, regardless of his/her background a rare gift that one has.

Not many appreciate the small yet gargantuan deeds that strangers do, what more to compose a beautifully woven piece on them! ;-)



PS: I've linked your URL in my list of renowned people. Is it fine with you?

Alexandra Wong said...

WP: Oh yes, everyday I live is a reaffirmation that good people are everywhere - you just have to open your eyes big-big and look hard!

Razor a-X: Sure! I would be honoured if you blog-rolled me :) Wah, blushing all over now from your praises ahem ahem

Razor a-X said...

Haha, thanks! The honour's all mine. ;-)

Prick said...

hello Alexandra. its nice to see you're still writing. popped into my head for some reason, doing well and happy, i hope.

catch you if i can Alexandra.

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