Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Candy colours galore

I can't draw, paint, or design to save my life, but I love eye candy as much as any other girl.

I generally don't use this space to plug anybody - more so if they're unsolicited - but I really want to share these dangerously addictive sites that I recently got introduced to.


I probably can't fit into 90% of the stuff that's reviewed in here, but the gratuitous eye candy and the slick copywriting is really something. The writer, whoever she is, can match any professional copywriter, IMHO. Good thing that she updates every day too. Now I'm a hopeless e-shopaholic-holic (Comprehende? :))

Viv, it's all your fault! :D


Flicked this off Tongue-in-chic (great name, by the way) I am a sucker for short punchy names.

Through which, I found this. http://poop-art.deviantart.com

I know what my friends will say. Eh, aren't you a little over-the-hill to be ogling at such sites?

Like ingenuity, works of art are works of art, right - age has nothing to do with it.

Now excuse me while I go back and ogle some more. The girl deserves a break after a titanic assignment.

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SaPPhiRe DraGoN said...

Hi! Love your articles in Navel Gazer in the Star! Original and witty, I would say. Jumping like politicians nowadays from a "multinational company" to writing commands my respect.


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