Saturday, November 28, 2009

Travelling Light

Trivial Pursuit, Weekender, 28th November 2009

Long before there was ever a Navel Gazer column, travel stories were my stock-in trade.

Fresh out of corporate hell, my feet were itchy to explore the uncharted universe beyond my tiny factory cubicle.

Kuching - or to be exact, Ran, the charming town I got my first taste of longhouse living - ignited my wanderlust.

Then came Turkey, IMHO the most beautiful country on earth.

The mother of all vacations was my seven whopping weeks in California of course.

I got to know my mum better.

And most of all, I learnt that you didn't always need a fortune to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

My most memorable meal in the US (though don't tell my aunt that!) was the USD2-3 chicken nuggets MUm & I ate at a Popeyes outlet. The cashier peered at our identitiy card with curiosity. "Oh, Malaysia ...I've heard of it.. but not too sure where it is though," she laughed sheepishly.

Uh huh. Looks like our tourism folks still have some distance to cover, when it comes to putting our country on the world map. ;)

I've always had wanderlust.

My first major overseas trip was to a town in Southern Thailand called Yala, where I stayed with a Thai family for two weeks. I wolfed down lots of spicy local food, went round helmet-free on on my hostess' scooter and ate towering sundaes in the town's biggest hotel. Pure bliss :)

Writing this article - a light, breezy change from my usual introspective stock-in-trade - reminded me just how much I miss travelling, and writing about my travels.

Keep your fingers crossed.

If all the planets and stars align, there should be some major globe-trotting on the cards in 2010 ;)

Oh btw peeps, in case you're wondering, here are some crude shots of my "Umbrella bag" and "Adidas kampung" :)


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