Monday, December 4, 2006

Finding a place in the sun

The Star, Starmag, Heart & Soul, 3 Dec 2006
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The UnCensored Mama said...

hello alexandra
i, too, have always haboured a deep passion for words...i think of it as a curse sometimes...why oh why can't I be habouring a passion for something that makes more money...erm...cutting into someone's brain for instance.

I've always wondered who these people are who write for newspapers.

It feels awesome to see your own name on a piece of published work i know.

good luck!

Family of Four said...

Puan Sri,

Tak boleh baca-lah. Mesti gunakan magnifying glass. Komputer saya punya magnifying glass pun tidak dapat lihat dengan nyata...

Tak tahu entahlah..

Puan Sri boleh tolongkah?


Family of Four said...

Puan Sri,

Minta maaf. Saya orang tua... tak nampak sangat.

Boleh baca sekarang.

Ada direction dibawah.

Tapi.... tak boleh tengok gambar dengan jelas pulak...

Apa macam??


Alexandra Wong said...

Thank you for the kind words, Angeline.

Yes, part of the pleasure is seeing my name in print, but the biggest par t of it is the writing itself. The buzz, the adrenalin rush of putting out something worthy, the huge sense of satisfaction when you know you've nailed it, that's really something that no amount of money can ever buy.

Alexandra Wong said...


That's because I don't have broadband! So the pictures have to be downsized, what to do?

Puan Sri


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