Monday, January 8, 2007

Second chance

The Star, Weekend, Food, 6 Jan 2007
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This is the sequel to Cold Shock, originally published on 9 Dec 2006


andrea said...

Well well Ms Wong,

I hope you've learnt your lesson from this episode.

you really have to read know the fundamantal reporting ethics, in my humble opinion.

Check that your facts are correct before submitting your articles to be published next time, please.

AND, please do not write about things that you are not sure of, or did not bother to double check. Bear in mind that you article(s) may be read by the nation, and people may have a biased view of the restaurant, thanks (or no thanks??) to your article.

Andrea Loh

soh su mee said...

Thanks 4 both wonderful articles about Chemor. Your 2nd article, more than anything else shows the genuine soul and dedication of one who is committed to the journalistic office; the courage and allegiance to truthful and factual reporting even if it means having to face the firing squad and risk of eroding your credilbility for having to do an apology, in public. A rare accomodity in the 21st 100 years of human existence A.D.

I have no doubt you reported the truthful facts, ie the below par fare which you sampled at the wrong place, and indeed welcomed your extroverted comments over any other insipid write-up. It serves as a reminder that just like real life, there are bad restaurants and people who cannot accept that in reality, good and bad are the warp & weft of life.

Personally, i find your article helpful; Andrea, i'm now forwarned to be sure i eat at the right restaurant when in Chemor ;)

keep the keyboards clacking...

Anonymous said...

Andrea, you are being too uptight and judgemental. Ms Wong is merely stating facts based on her experience and telling the world the truth.

And to question her ethics? That's indeed ridiculous. She's writing an article, not doing a statistical analysis on the food in Chemor. Writing is an art and when art comes into place, emotion and feelings are always involves. And writing involves telling the truth on what those feelings are.

And for you as a reader, to remind and to warn her on how to do her job? You are just encouraging a breed of journalist where they write only things which is pleasant and feasible to your eyes. Programmed, fake, polluted, repressed and full of lies.

What I'm trying to say here is it's unfair for you to be so unsupportive of her work and discourage her honest reporting.

and to you Ms Wong *salute*


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