Tuesday, August 22, 2006

About me - Version 1

Hi! My name is Alexandra Wong and you may have read some of my articles :)

I'm a full-time writer. I wasn't always one, though I've always had a serious case of word lust (Blame Enid Blyton's mouthwatering picnic basket descriptions).

After graduating with a degree in English Literature, I fell into a Fortune 500 Company by accident. The money was certainly good, and I did well enough to win a couple of sales awards along the way, but it was not the same as doing something after your own heart, know what I mean?

Then another accident (I am QUITE the drama queen, aren't I?) made me take a long, hard second look at life. Hell, I wasn't blind, and neither am I (that) stupid, so I reckoned God was trying to tell me to wake up and smell the roses.

So I hung up my court shoes, had a ball backpacking for six months, and when it was time to refill the coffers, I thought I'd take a poke at doing what I loved best for a living - writing.

Guess what. I'm still happily scribbling about life, love and the universe :)

1 comment:

chrystin said...

hi alex, i love reading ur columns esp in the star - navel gazer - and im glad i stumbled upon ur blog. yeah u r rite, ntg beats doing what u love for a living. Keep up the good work, God bless. May your writing continue to bring light to many ppl's lives. Cheers~


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