Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Simple Life

Local Traveller, Going Places (MAS In-flight Magazine), May 2008

Sometimes, life just sneaks up on you and whisks you away on an adventure.

Well, Pulau Ketam - a quaint, quirky little island that is entirely road-less (i.e. carbon-monoxide free!!) - was serendipity in motion, and one of the reasons I love what I do for a living: travel, eat, and partake in other people's lives.

Oh and my folks were spot on: Good manners always take you far. So the next time you see an old man, remember to give up your seat.

You never know where it will lead you :)

Here are some pixels from my personal collection:

Yes, everybody - from two-feet-tall pipsqueaks to adults, pranced around brandishing these strange umbrella-cum-hats, while nobody bats an eyelid!

They maximise every inch of their real estate, all right.

Aww. No words required.

My venerable host (can you guess which one?) and his homies :)

Playing tourist, ahem. On my return visit, to hand out copies of the magazine when the article was printed.

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