Saturday, May 30, 2009

(Not quite a ) Weary Writer

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To be perfectly honest, I hesitated at the Send button. This was such an awfully personal piece after all. 

In the end I decided to go ahead anyway, becauseI had a feeling that it would strike a chord with many people. I've just seen it happen so many times. Not just to me, but to my friends and loved ones - people working themselves (and their health by default) to the ground because they didn't know how to get off the rogue locomotive. 

Like me, they forgot that they were controlling the steering wheel. 

I wrote this about 2 months ago. Since then, other things have happened. Not necessarily bad things, just things that made me reevaluate life from a different slant. I've come to the conclusion that nothing is really over until YOU decide it's over. 

To those who asked, yes, I am better now. Much, much better. 

Thanks for caring. I am a blessed girl :)



Pharmacist said...

I think it's about time the public quit dissing gov hospitals.

Whilst it's true that most civil servants are dead wood, this just doesn't apply to us healthcare professionals.

As it is, we get paid an amount which is comparable to the private sector, but many of us still opt to quit the gov service after our 4 years compulsory service is up. Why? Cause the hours are shyt and we are heavily overworked.

In fact, a doctor once told me that he has been in 3 road accidents in a year - all attributed to falling asleep at the wheel due to exhaustion.

And because of that, most of the staff only have a max of 4 years worth of experience. Which accounts for the number of mistakes that occur.

Honestly, in the busier hospitals we hardly even get the chance to sit down, and some doctors have to make do with 10 minute lunch breaks.

So before you diss gov hospitals, please remember that the machinery is already running at its max capacity.

teh ais limei said...

Hi Bunny,

Came across your "weary writer" piece in The Star, and was going "exactly what I mean!" several times over. =) Yes, I'm a writer - been freelancing for 3 years now since I was 19 and recently got my own column in theSun (Living the Lemonade is the column name).

My portfolio as a freelance writer isn't much to shout about yet, but I enjoy writing thoroughly. Getting my own column is a dream come true, but after the euphoria a huge mental block just settled down and refused to budge. It's certainly stressful when I know I'm supposed to do better, but I still churn out whiny pieces that I myself shudder to read afterward. So yeah, I get what you mean - your story struck a chord in my heart.

The advice I've been getting is "write something close to your heart", but a lot of issues are close to my heart - I just wish they are closer to my fingers so that I can actually type them out in proper prose. Anyway, all the best to you and feel free to visit my blog =)


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