Saturday, June 6, 2009

Me, cook? Never!

You know what they say: Never say never.

Bunny, who has an almost paralyzing phobia of
a) getting her digits fried in an oven
b) falling facefirst into a wok of scalding hot oil
c) burning the kitchen in the midst of crafting the perfect sunny side up ....

.... whipped up Malaysian style pasta aglio olio!

And, it was not just edible *cough*. Proof: Me, cook? Never!

By the time I remembered to record this epoch-making moment for posterity, the last morsel had been devoured, so sorry folks, no pix.

What can I say. Wonders never cease ;)

*rolls up sleeves and flips open recipe book*

PS I enjoyed the writing almost as much as I enjoyed the cooking ;)

PPS Have been lax in updating my food blogs in Malaysian Insider.

This was a food review I did of Rajah Brooke Cafe.

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