Friday, March 19, 2010

Biz Talk: Personality

February 2010, Going Places (MAS inflight magazine)

Sporting, gentlemanly, and one of the most articulate chaps I've had the pleasure to speak to. In other words, a dream interview candidate!

Seeking more interesting business personalities to interview for the same column. If you know of any, drop me a mail at alexandra.lywong[at] :)

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Anonymous said...

just dropping by to say that i love your writing style! read your article on ajahn brahm in today's the star. i attended venerable ajahn brahm's talks quite regularly when i was living in s'pore. he's a regular speaker with s'pore buddhist fellowship. he is indeed humorous and full of non-judgmental wisdoms. keep doing what you do best and i look forward to more of your articles.

just a reader


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