Saturday, October 2, 2010

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Haven't had time to do my regular cataloguing cos have been occupied with work, play, and .... jeng jeng jeng ...


So was that 18-year-old foaming-at-the-mouth wait worth it?

Hell yes.

To quote this quaint restaurant in Mysore that a rickshaw recommended to me (yes, and I use the word quaint most legitimately! Check out the menu below!), it exceeded my every expectation.

I love the hospitable people. The vivid colours. The tongue-singeingly spicy food. The eye-popping OTT-ness.

For proof, just check out the menu below.

Quaint kan?

I'm already planning my next trip back.

Chennai? Calcutta? Bombay?


WP said...

Love that "note with a difference"! :D

Ruey said...

Wah, India? *salute*

Looking forward to some blog posts about the trip and the whole experience. :D

j said...

wow - mysore, i went there for 2 mths training few years back..
miss that place so so much :)
love the food and ppl there..

Alex said...

WP: Me too! I wanted to go back for seconds but didn't. Trust Bungling Bunny to pick just the time when India was embroiled in one controversy after another (CWG, Ayodhya, train crashes...) to pay a visit. Heh.

Ruey: Thanks but really, it's not that difficult to travel :) People are friendly. I never had Delhi Belly. I felt very safe. I was very comfortable with the language, cos most people speak decent English. A local actually injected the word "anachronism" into our conversation. Never happened to me in Malaysia hehe.

J: Really? Somebody who understands what I'm missing so badly!!!

*Rushes to pounce on J*

Wonder if you recognize the scan of the menu. It's from Cafe Eramane (or something like that, a restaurant ensconced in a quaint colonial building near the famed Mysore Palace.

I've always been fascinated by India but never thought I would enjoy myself so much. The chutneys are so thick and flavourful, a far cry from the watery affairs we have here; the filter coffees were to die for; the waiters at the restaurant were as cute as the menu.

Darn. Writing all this makes me want to book the first ticket back ...Sob!

k.t.x said...

india is extremely interesting. i did my first in 1996 while studying in the uni in minden...:p. m gonna do another route this time, 2011 CNY, but this one's gonna be freezing.....brr..


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