Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stranger in a Train

29 January 2011
Trivial Pursuit, Weekender, The Star

Though some truly amazing things have happened to me by virtue of this column, I would have laughed till I was blue in the face if you had told me a year ago, that the it-could-only-happen-in-movies events in "Stranger in a train" would take place one day.

But happen it did. And things are still happening. And as I reel from the extraordinary strangeness of reality that we live in, I find myself wondering: what lies ahead for the rest of 2011?

To all my readers, thank you for a brilliant start to the year. I've always suspected that I've gotten more out of the column than I've given it, and the avalanche of encouraging letters, emails, facebook messages and smses just proves it.

Mere words will never suffice to convey my feelings when I read your heartfelt responses to my article.

Maybe emoticons will do the job?


Or, a photo maybe?

Love you all!


Ervinna said...

Your story of the stranger you met was sooooooo sweet! And you were not alone in thinking that it only happens after a script writer weaves his magic wand at the movie set.

Maybe there is a "script writer" somewhere up there who's directing a huge production on a movie set called earth?

Anyway, I hope it works out well for you. Did he accepted your invite that evening anyway? Do tell!

Sammy said...

Keep on writing, don't give up hope. Sharing of your experiences and encouters gives us a glimpse of another person's journey thru life..and yours has never been a dull one!

SYC said...

Hi Alexandra, love your stories so much as they're so witty but loaded with messages at the same time. I would look forward to them every month to see what other surprises you have up your sleeve.

So, did David accepted your invitation that evening? You portrayed him to be a pretty decent guy so I hope he is.

As a gal, I'd like to have a guy who loves me completely and I think he displayed that his love remained steadfast despite the passing time.

Please, send my best wishes to him and tell him to remain strong. Maybe love would blossom in the unlikeliest of places huh?

Siew Chyi said...

Alex, David is so right about the fact that every insignificant action has an impact on others, whether you realise it or not. Do you remember I told you abt the guy that walk to my desk and just ask if you are my friend? He told me that he love your story and follow it every week. never know what goes around out there but it does gives significant to others.
I belive many people love your writing because it’s genuine and it touches the life of normal human being. Keep it up. Ha! ha!

Julian Chin said...

Why the 'Train' article (and others) is so significant is because I can relate to it.

I had, sadly, given up writing and took a totally different route when I stopped at the fork.

Six years on, I'm a reader constantly in the hunt for stories I can relate to. Real stories to warm and to provide an escape from the present.

Thank you Alexandra. They meant a lot.

Alexandra Wong said...

Dear Ervinna, Sammy, Siew Chyi and Julian,

Thank you very much for your kind comments and my apologies for the lateness.

Life exploded, as my friend Irene would put it, but I'm keenly aware that it's you guys who have brought me this far in my journey as a writer.

Every time I wanted to give up, I'd get a comment or email that tells me not to and I remember that it's not just me alone on this journey - I've got a squadron of guardian angels hovering over me making sure that I am all right.

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me. Every encouraging word is another incentive for me to keep plodding on and I read and remember every comment. Gotta work on those time management skills though!



BadSigns said...

Strangers. Amazing.

*slight tears to eyes*

(stev of stevblogs here btw)

j said...

hi Alexandra, didn't see any new post for few months d. may you be well and happy ! :)

Alexandra Wong said...

Hey there, thanks for dropping by :) Yes, haven't posted up new articles for ages because I've been really busy. Updates - and exciting new changes - coming soon!


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