Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dumpling girl

The Star, Weekend, Cupid Connection, 3 March 2007
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bodicea said...

Well, mate, speaking from personal experience, if you want eligible guy friends to see you differently, you have to do it (court them, i mean) from the start of the friendship.

Say you see Mr. Sexy and would like to start of being friends, for a more substantial relationship. That's all fine and dandy and noble indeed, but you see, being human, Mr. Sexy (or you or anyone else for that matter), would only be interested in something that intrigues.

Novelty keeps the excitement, no?

In other words, don't reveal everything you know to a potential. Life history and your wonderful expertise can wait.

In conclusion, you don't have to jump into either extreme of the sexy vamp or the nice girl next door. Just give him the idea that you're......adaptable. ;)

Within reason, of course.

Somehow, everyone fancies a sense of mystery. That's the bait that keeps them wondering what's next.

Trust me, babe, it worked for me.


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