Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Life is simpler now

The Star, Weekend, Trivial Pursuit, 17 March 2007
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bodicea said...

very nice :)

mh said...

surely you must have had more than 5 articles in 2007 coz i seem to be under the impression of reading your articles every other week!!!! hahahahaah....you need to update this portfolio blog of yours girl!

PS: good job on today's kopitiam review...your vivid descriptions got my saliva glands working overtime alright!!!

Alexandra Wong said...

:D thanks darling. Oh yes, I have been lax in updating this socalled portfolio of mine. yes mam thank you for the timely reminder mam :)

jesscet said...

i really like this piece - it's written from your heart and i can identify with it. yeah, the pay may not be much but the lifestyle, the freedom and flexibility is really what makes this job worth it.. :)


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