Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Blues & McEpiphany

The Navel Gazer, Weekender, Scratching Post
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stev said...

great title up there indeed

The Blues & McEpiphany


enjoyed sweeney todd i presume

jois said...

Alex! :)

Have I told you how much I like that name before? haha well anyway, I do!

Yes, my parents are in Malaysia rite now, i guess you must've seen them already (they went to enggor today I think).

My bags business is currently kind of dying cuz I have no time at all to do anything about it + need to find a new supplier, the current one sucks! So yeah, see how. I think I needa succeed in a Dutch one first before setting up an English one, haha.

Anyways, enjoyed reading ur articles once again ^^ keep it up!!!
I think i'll see u this summer in KL yeah! ;)


Quella said...

Interesting to know.


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