Monday, December 31, 2007

About me

Hi! My name is Alexandra Wong and you may have seen some of my articles :)

I'm a full-time writer. I wasn't always one, though I've always had a serious case of word lust (Blame Enid Blyton's mouthwatering picnic basket descriptions).

After graduating with a degree in English Literature, I fell into a Fortune 500 Company by accident. The money was certainly good, and I did well enough to win a couple of sales awards along the way, but it was not the same as doing something after your own heart, know what I mean?

Then another accident (I am QUITE the drama queen, aren't I?) made me take a long, hard second look at life. Hell, I wasn't blind, and neither am I (that) stupid, so I reckoned God was trying to tell me to wake up and smell the roses.

So I hung up my court shoes, had a ball backpacking for six months, and when it was time to refill the coffers, I thought I'd take a poke at doing what I loved best for a living - writing.

Guess what. I'm still happily scribbling about life, love and the universe :)


S.F.Rahiman said...

GOd bless u alex..:)

Chng said...

hi alexandra

when i read about your blog on Ipoh's food and that 'gluttany ' runs in your family, i thought 'fantastic' as my family too likes to eat and go out of the way to hunt down recommended food spots. and this is what made me respond or post comments on a blog. hopefull you will reveal more good food spots in your travels and time when i get bored i will provide you with a few of my own discoveries of good food spots.
bye and take care


C. said...

Chanced upon your articles after reading about three churches being fire-bombed or vandalized in the Klang area. Looks like we both have "boiling water" under our feet. My Ipoh aunt used to accused me of that. Just couldn't stay in one place for long. When I was a kid, centuries back, every school vacation I visited my grandmother in Menglembu along Foo Wah Cheng street, if my memory has any measure of accuracy. My younger brother still lives in the same house my grandmother used to live.

Enjoy reading your articles and stories. I have been living in California since 1979. My wife is a graduate of the then University of Malaya. We visited my brother in Penang in 2008. At first I thought you were from Penang. Jesselton, Brunei, Kuching, Pontianak...places I wandered into as a young man. Your travels fascinate my curiosity. All I can say is "keep on trucking" and when you get to my age, these adventures will fill you with hours of warmth and sense of satisfaction.


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