Sunday, February 22, 2009

Racing Aces swoon over their Mean Machines

(L-R) Lars Erik Nielsen, Mokhzani Mahathir, Sven Herberger

MillionaireAsia, Nov-Dec 2008

We all like fantasy. Everybody wants to read about the powerful, the rich, the glamorous. Even if we can't all imbibe champagne on a yacht or zip around in maseratis all the time, at the very least, we can live the good life vicariously.

Thus, as writers, sometimes our JD includes trafficking fantasy.

Though I've met my fair share of datuks and tan sri's who think they're God's answers to mankind's prayers, these guys defied the usual stereotypes.

They were charming, professional, and always gracious. Lars Erik-Nielsen, the silver-haired one on the left, even obliged to playing photographer, while this giddy journo posed disbelievingly in the cockpit of their Porsche!

You can buy fame, but admiration has to be earned.

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