Sunday, February 22, 2009

Your Guide to Malaysian Festivals

I love this month's Going Places (MAS' inflight magazine). Stunning photographs, absorbing articles, and ... I got a whole 9 pages! :D

Interestingly, it was GP which actually sparked my interest in my cultural roots. While doing research for a Chinese New Year article last year, I discovered just how deeply steeped in fascinating folklore and customs the Chinese culture is. Now I know why the Chinese elders always harp on their 5000 years of ancient history - it's bragging rights well deserved!

Dang. Now I wish I'd paid more attention in POL class - then I wouldn't be going "huh?" when my dad, mum, Sam and Chang start inserting perplexing Chinese idioms into our conversation!

Try this on for size. Do you know that "pat yuet sap mmm"(literally 15th of the 8th Chinese calendar month) is a genteel euphemism for your derriere???

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Jeffrey Chew said...

I thought I saw the article while on my 6 hour flight to Korea. Great stuff...not surprising.


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